Our method

in 5 steps

Integrate your website into your daily life

A website is part of the life of your business. Long regarded as a simple online brochure, the website has become a real communication, even management tool.
We will therefore study closely its functionalities, its integration into your environment and its evolution.
STEP 1Preparation

Dialogues and exchanges

You will tell us about your job, we will translate your needs and wishes into computer language.
Indeed, this analysis phase is essential. Exchanges and discussions will allow us to better approach your daily life to anticipate future developments.
The objective is to prepare a model which will be our roadmap for IT design.

STEP 2Analysis

Visual concept

Internet is visual, it is essential. You will give us your desires, your favorite colors, we will see what exists in your paper communication and even the decoration of your company or the design of your offices.
We will then define a graphic spirit, presenting the trends of the moment and guiding you in harmony and visual appeal.
Check out our Design portfolio.

STEP 3The visual

Design and programming

This is the part that will seem the most obscure to you in the creation of your site. Indeed, we use computer languages ??and adapted tools to finalize your project.
However, we remain in close contact with you to validate each stage of construction. In addition, this phase is essential to set up additional tools to better integrate your site into your work environment.

STEP 4Programming

The beginning of the adventure

The site delivered is for many people, it's the end of the job..
We consider on the contrary that it is the beginning of a new phase in which you will have to make known your site.
We remain in close contact with you to help you develop your networks and intensify your digital communication to ensure a real presence on the Web

STEP 5And then ...
It's your turn to play !

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